Sun River Vintners
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Our goal at Sun River Vintners is to bring you exquisite premium wines, rich with the characteristics of our unparalleled Eastern Washington terrior. Our wines showcase amazing balance, depth of flavor, expressive layers of fruit and oak, and excellent food pairing compatability. To accomplish these goals, we source only the finest grapes from Washington vineyards, use traditional and unique winemaking practices and age in Porto Pipe French Oak Barrels. Then to ensure the best wines, we consult with some of the best known experts in the wine industry. 

Our Porto Pipe French Oak Barrels
Sun River Vintners uses an exclusive line of Porto Pipe French Oak Barrels produced by Le Grande located in Cognac, France. Because Le Grand’s Oak wood is carefully chosen and they use expert toasting methods it allows the barrels to release large quantities of tannins.
These are just a few of the Le Grand manufacturing secrets.  But what sets the Porto Pipe French Oak Barrels apart from other barrels is their shear size and wine flavor enhancement.

Le Grande has been making barrels for over a century. Marc Le Grand and his family, the Goncalves, have expertise in selecting fine oak and manufacturing through a complex barrel production cycle.  The Le Grand selection of French oak comes from twelve different forests in the North Western part of France. Le Grand’s manufacturers are experts in the traditional methods and maintain a constant focus on quality.